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European Tour Dates Announced!


Online Stageit Show

"The Open Book Series"

 Once a month I have a goal to write 1 song on my own without self censoring the subject. You'll get my true, raw feelings about whatever comes up in my solo writing time. I'm going to be an open book. And once a month I will share this song (among others) with you all through an online concert on Stageit. It's a challenge! It's an accountability exercise. Shall we?

NPR Music: Best of 2017

"Kyshona Armstrong has been called upon to represent for soul and gospel in roots, rock and folk lineups and to bring singer-songwriter sensibilities to R&B bills. But wherever she plants her feet, she does so with righteous conviction and a strong sense of her own voice."- NPR Music


"Same Blood"

Official Music Video

for #Charlottesville #SameBlood

  So grateful to Jewly Hight at NPR Music  for the nod in "20 Indie Discoveries from  2017". 

So grateful to Jewly Hight at NPR Music  for the nod in "20 Indie Discoveries from  2017". 


Listen to Kyshona's Interview on NPR's World Cafe


 Lest We Forget 

"Lest We Forget 2016" now available OnDemand via

A musical celebration of lost genius.

“LEST WE FORGET - 2016” is a music special whose sole purpose is to celebrate and honor some of the many important musicians and music industry icons who passed away in 2016. The special was taped at Raven's Landing Recording Studio in Nashville, TN, and features some of finest studio musicians in the city. (Tommy Emmanuel, Radney Foster, Jon McLaughlin, Victor Wooten, Al Perkins, Adam Wakefield, Beth Neilsen Chapman, Daine Ussery, Kyshona Armstrong and many more"

Proceeds from the distribution of this program will support the efforts of various charities that seek to either aid musicians in crisis and/or support music education in schools, including:

VH1 Save The Music Foundation • The Musicians Foundation • The Sweet Relief Musicians Fund

"Waking Light"as heard on: ABC's Conviction & CBS's Criminal Minds and Salvation



New single

Maybe By Christmas

Available Now!

- The Ride 2.0 -

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